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Hey Guys, Welcome to my blogs…

Tx for visiting my page. I am Harun Al Rasyid, but for some reason(do not ask me why,ha3…) most of my friends call me Owenk (Kinda weird for Indonesia name, but i get used to it,LOL). I live in Kuningan-Jakarta, and work for JW Marriott Jakarta in FnB Department at Sailendra. Most of my job experiences are in hospitality Industry such as Planet Hollywood, Salsa Club, and so on.  I’m still study in weekend at Mercubuana University majoring Broadcasting-Communication.

My blogs is talking about wine, which is so happening at the early of millenium (i feel corny when mentioning “millenium”,ha3…) and continue to become high statue of lifestyle for socialite, or for you guys at this time. From A-Z about wine, from the introducing the history, the varietal grape, region, and so on, you can check the articles related. These can be ur source to ur work or it could be ur guideline to upgrade ur knowledge.


Hope these articles are truly useful  for u….